There are too many locations in Southern California and it’s not easy to choose for your own locations. I’d like to share my tips for selecting yours.

1.     Less travel and spend more time on a location

The given time from your contact includes with transit time between locations, so if you spend time in transit, you would get less pictures as a result. Even if it’s still a short distance, still needs looking for a parking spot and walking to the point where we shoot.

2.     Private location is better than a crowd of people

If you consider shooting at popular locations such as Griffith Observatory, Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, popular streets etc., please keep in mind that we have to wait until backgrounds to clear, so no strange people on your images which are impossible in certain situations. Also, another reason is taking engagement picture is to show your emotions in front of my camera, but in a crowded public places it’s not easy to express naturally.

Los Angeles


Caltech / UCLA / USC

Note:  Campus engagement sessions are perfect for their alumni or current students. Each University has own architectures and it’s great spot for your engagement pictures.

Restriction / Permit : None

Travel Fee: $50 travel fee required for UCLA / None for Caltech and USC

Art District Street

Los Angeles, CA

Note:  KWON PHOTO was previously located in Art District, so very familiar to find graffiti/mural spots in Art District.

Restriction / Permit / Travel Fee:  None

Example Gallery| Example Gallery

Walt Disney Concert Hall / The Broad Museum

Los Angeles, CA

Note:  The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the most striking fixtures in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s amazing architecture with stainless steel curves. It’s very popular for an engagement picture.

Restriction:  No Standing Flash Equipment

Permit / Travel Fee: None

Vista Hermosa Natural Park

Los Angeles, CA

Note:  There is a bench which has a great place to capture view of Downtown Los Angeles.

Restriction:  The park closes after sunset. During the sunset, it gives you the best time to capture Downtown skyscraper skyline.

Permit / Travel Fee: None

Greystone Mansion

Beverly Hills, CA

Currently, Greystone Mansion is closed due to COVID-19 

Note:  Historic Doheny Greystone Estate is owned by the City of Beverly Hills. The architecture and gardens have classic and elegant backdrops.

Restriction:  Sunset goes down at golden hour gives amazing light through the beautiful trees.

Permit: $316 per hour and Reservations at least 2 weeks in advance

Travel Fee: None

Example Gallery

Your Own Idea

Note:  It can be your place or whatever a location you’d like to go. I am willing to travel to

Travel Fee: It may be applied with travel fees and accommodations. Please ask us for more details.

Example Gallery| Example Gallery