There are too many locations in Southern California and it’s not easy to choose for your own locations. I’d like to share my tips for selecting yours.

1.     Less travel and spend more time on a location

The given time from your contact includes with transit time between locations, so if you spend time in transit, you would get less pictures as a result. Even if it’s still a short distance, still needs looking for a parking spot and walking to the point where we shoot.

2.     Private location is better than a crowd of people

If you consider shooting at popular locations such as Griffith Observatory, Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive, popular streets etc., please keep in mind that we have to wait until backgrounds to clear, so no strange people on your images which are impossible in certain situations. Also, another reason is taking engagement picture is to show your emotions in front of my camera, but in a crowded public places it’s not easy to express naturally.

Orange County

Oak Canyon Nature Center

Anaheim, CA

Note: Oak Canyon Nature Center is located in Anaheim Hills. Lots of green trees, stream and bridges short distance from the parking lot

Restriction: Prohibited following items; balloons, dogs, horses, confett, bicycles

Permit: Oak Canyon Nature Center is required $25 paid permit.

Travel Fee: None

Mission San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Note:  Mission San Juan Capistrano is a Spanish Mission featuring beautiful garden like a Moorish style fountain

Restriction: The mission closes at 5pm, so please be sure for a location afterwards.

Permit: $80 per hour. Reservations at least 48 hours in advance.

Travel Fee: None

Los Rios Street

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Note:  Los Rios Street  in San Juan Capistrano with vintage shops. There is a train station and brick walls.

Restriction:  Some stores prohibit shooting inside.

Permit / Travel Fee: None

Victoria Beach

Laguna Beach, CA

Note:  Victoria Beach has a breathtaking tide pools and cliffs, and a unique tower next to the cliff.

Restriction:  For accessing tide pools, Spring and Winter seasons are the best time to visit Victoria Beach

Permit: $100 for all beaches at City of Laguna

Travel Fee: None

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, CA

Note:  Laguna Beach is a hidden gem for capturing amazing sunset pictures.

Restriction: There are steep hills it takes to get down and then back up from the sandy shore, but the journey was most definitely worth it

Permit / Travel Fee: Unlike a paid permit needed for beaches at City of Laguna, this one does NOT need.

Your Own Idea

Note:  It can be your place or whatever a location you’d like to go. I am willing to travel to

Travel Fee: It may be applied with travel fees and accommodations. Please ask us for more details.

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